Jakarta, June 8, 2023 – UIN Jakarta recently hosted a delegation from Far Eastern Memorial Hospital (FEMH), Taiwan, and Landseed Hospital in a progressive step towards forging global medical alliances. The June 8, 2023, visit marks a significant milestone in building international relations and fostering collaborative medical research and education.

“We are delighted to welcome our esteemed guests from Taiwan. We hope this meeting will strengthen our cooperation, benefiting our faculty and students,” said Prof. Asep Saepudin Jahar, Rector of UIN Jakarta.

Far Eastern Memorial Hospital is renowned for its integrated technology, telemedicine, and AI capacities. Similarly, Landseed Hospital is recognized for its community medical care programs and strong IT team.

Prof. She-Wen Chang, M.D, Vice President of FEMH, expressed her excitement about the potential exchange programs. “We hope that by advancing knowledge through these exchanges, our doctors and specialists can contribute to the global medical community.”

The dialogue included extensive discussions about collaborative research and exchange programs for students and faculty. The opportunities for practical experience in dealing with unique health issues in Indonesia were a key area of focus.

Dr. Achmad Zaki, Dean of UIN Jakarta’s Medical Faculty, underscored the potential advantages. “Residency programs and student exchanges will provide new experiences, which are invaluable investments for our future doctors,” he said.

Mas Gilang from Landseed Hospital shared an overview of their hospital profile, highlighting critical areas such as cardiovascular and critical care, traumatology, transplantation, and minimally invasive surgery.

Landseed Hospital also demonstrated its use of cutting-edge technology. Prof. Chai introduced a digital stethoscope to send measurements and results to mobile devices. The data is uploaded to the cloud, where AI provides suggestions.

Innovation is key to these collaborative efforts. UIN Jakarta’s Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine emphasized the benefits of integrating technology and AI in medical research and education.

One of the faculty members, Dr. Nina, shared her experience at FEMH, calling it a “great learning opportunity about the hospital system.”

This meeting culminated in the joint research proposal between the two hospitals and UIN Jakarta. Prof. Chai extended an invitation for a clinical skills competition scheduled for September 30th.

As international relations strengthen, UIN Jakarta continues to play a pivotal role in advancing healthcare education. The alliance with Far Eastern Memorial Hospital and Landseed Hospital is another testament to this commitment.

In the words of Din Wahid, UIN Jakarta’s Vice-Rector for Cooperation, “Such alliances further our mission to serve the global community through innovative medical research and education.”

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