JAKARTA, Indonesia, May 29, 2023 – A high-level delegation of Mayors from the Philippines visited the UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta’s Ruang Sidang Utama to engage in a productive dialogue centered around the role of academia in local conflict resolution. Various prominent figures from UIN Jakarta and The Asia Foundation, Philippines, attended the meeting.

The meeting started with warm welcoming remarks by Din Wahid, Vice-Rector for Cooperation, UIN Jakarta, and Maila D.H Rahiem, Ph.D., Head of Center for International Cooperation, UIN Jakarta. They extended their gratitude to the visiting delegates and highlighted the significant roles PPIM and CSRC, UIN Jakarta’s premier research centers, played.

Fikri Fahrul Faiz from PPIM presented a comprehensive research study that addressed the issues of intolerance, violent extremism, Islamism, and social media conservatism. He underscored the contributing factors, including lack of cross-group social interaction, relative deprivation, and belief in hoaxes. “Our objective is to strengthen evidence-based policy and create spaces for dialogue and encounters,” Fikri Fahrul Faiz emphasized.

Zaitun from CSRC outlined the center’s focus on community resilience, indicating that local communities have an intrinsic power to resist and respond to various forms of social issues.

Erica Sale, Program Officer of Peace and Stability, The Asia Foundation – Philippines, pointed out the significant impact of evidence-based policy in countering extremism. In response, Mayor Khalida Polao-Sanguila Pagayawan, Alano del Sur, and Mayor Hanieu Bud Maluiso, Brasilian, shared their first-hand experiences dealing with similar issues.

Mayor Jul Adnan Hataman, and Sumisip Basilan, expressed their eagerness to learn more and implement initiatives similar to UIN Jakarta. “We look forward to applying these strategies in our local context,” he said.

The event concluded with Vice Rector Ali Munhanif highlighting the importance of international cooperation and Din suggesting potential collaborative efforts such as short sermons, dakwah material, and training courses for local religious organizations.

Overall, the meeting underscored the importance of the role of academia in resolving local conflicts and creating peaceful societies. The delegates left with a greater understanding of the issues and potential strategies, signifying the successful fruition of the meeting.

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